Is there a bug in 7.0.3?

What should have been a two minute website update has tuned into an all afternoon nightmare. I updated to 7.0.3 and since then my two and a half year old website has gone mad. The menu is playing up and the banner images have reduced in depth and an EC area comes and goes. Theme is Aptenon. What’s odd is that it previews okay in RW but when published it’s all messed up. Anyone else having issues with 7.0.3?

Sounds like something didn’t get uploaded, did you try republish all?

I updated and ftp failed to work. No connection - checked with Fetch and connected OK. Ditched 7.03 and retrieved 7.02 via Time Machine. Published changes OK.

Publishing locally several times and something has definitely become messed up. Reverted to 7.0.2 and thought this had fixed it - but no. Reverted to a Time Machine backup of file. Again no joy. Reverted to RW6 and older project file. All fine! But what’s going on…

Went back to a mid-June back up of RW7 project file - and it’s fine. Very strange - but a glitch has crept in somewhere.

What I have noticed a couple of times is that basically, updating does not work. Instead, I replace the older version with the new one and that gives me much more stable installation. I am working with 7.0.3 right now and I do not experience any new anomaly (as of yet). Of course, there are still some old bugs from previous versions. Disclosure: I do not use RW’s Publishing – I ditched that long ago. I only export to a local folder and then use Transmit for uploading to my server…

Dreadful! All Im getting on preview is a white screen and an export box! Gone back to 7.0.2

I updated to 7.03 and I am getting new bugs (banners all over the place, publishing errors etc…) and all my site set ups are gone on my Rapidcartpro.
When trying to send an order via my website (direct order mode Rapidcart pro) I now get error message like that :

Fatal error: Uncaught exception ‘PHPMailer\phpmailerException’ with message 'Invalid address…

This is alien language to me
When I was in version 6 everything including publishing was working like a dream.

I am not a developper, why should I have paid for an upgrade and already spent days trying to figure out what is wrong with the upgrades? I have no training in web design and I though that to date I was doing pretty well, sounds like Rapidweaver tend to become accessible only to pros.

I think the problem I had was to do with 7.0.3 and Aptenon theme. The other websites I have that use different themes, all seem to be fine.

We’ve just pushed out RapidWeaver 7.0.4 - hopefully this should fix your theme issue, sorry about that!

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Thanks Dan! Do I try it or hold back…