Is this caused by RW v7.1, is it a bug?

@ben @dan I noticed this damned annoying behaviour immediately after updating to RW 7.1
is it supposed to be a feature ?, because i dont like it !

Does it happen to anyone else please. it happens when i hover my mouse over the Pages column !.


Not seen here with 8 different websites all on 7.1

@DaveFox ok buddy, thanks for that :slight_smile:


You only seen it when hovering over the sidebar… it’s useful if the page names are too long to read :slight_smile:

If you move you mouse out of the sidebar or to another page it should disappear.

@dan thanks for that Dan, i realise now why the Hover idea has been introduced, for a start i thought it was a little inconsistent and then i realised the page name has to be hovered over for a second or two too long before the full name did pop up !

otherwise yeah a good idea, thanks.