Issues with Marvel Theme (Stacks do not show up)

Hey there. I got the Marvel theme but for some reason the stacks do not show up, see attached image. I have reinstalled everything but it does not seem to fix the issue…

Any help would be tremendously appreciated it…

Make sure that you have the latest version of Stacks installed.

This was happening to me one or two Stacks’ updates ago but then the issue was corrected by @Isaiah.

Thanks! I just downloaded and installed the latest version of Stacks but the issue persists…

@isaiah any idea why?

Oh, I thought that the issue was stacks’ labels not showing up. I see this is fixed now.

Missing stacks are probably installed in a wrong directory. Do you have multiple versions of RW installed?

I would suggest that you try to reinstall single stacks again, but this time do it by dragging them to the icon of RW’s version that you are using. Then, restart RW and maybe even restart your Mac.

P.S. If this method of reinstalling stacks does not help—again—make sure that you have their latest versions.

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