Marvel theme stack missing issue

I have bought Stacks and Marvel theme.
I am trying to install the demo project of Marvel but always “Stack missing” appearing,
I have made many times uninstall of Rapidweaver and fresh install it again
and I have removed all the components in Mac os X libraries before the
reinstallation process. Also I have saw that the same problem appeared to other users:
I have also follow the instructions of this topic, without success!

I have a macbook air (M1, 2020) Big Sure

Any help please!!!

@realmac Can you bring some light in this issue?

Is that the Marvel demo file?

Yes this is the Marvel demo project.

  1. I have made a fresh install of RW because I have purchased yesterday.
  2. I have bought Stack plugin also and installed it.
  3. Then I have bought Marvel theme and I have installed it together with MarvelSplit.stack.
  4. Finally I have double clicked the “MarvelDemoProject.rw8” and I saw the screen I sent you…

What screen?

From the other post that you referred to above, it sounds like you are having trouble getting the marvel split stack to install correctly.

There is a long-standing issue with the double-click to install stacks not always working correctly.

I’d suggest you follow the above-mentioned installation method:

  • grab, drag and drop the Marvel Split stack from the installation folder onto the RapidWeaver icon on the dock.
  • Right-click the Marvel Split stack from the installation folder and select the Open with option and choose RapidWeaver 8.

After either option restart RapidWeaver.

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Okay, it definitely looks like the stack didn’t get installed correctly

Follow the steps above

@teefers I have followed your instructions but the issue still be there…


That demo file also references Velvet and Photo…now from @joeworkman

Thanks Joemart for your support!
I appreciate it!!!
I will trying also to install them but unfortunately the file of the theme does not mentioned that at all…
By the way cause I am a newbie in RW how you can see that those stacks are missing? Show me the way please!

We can ask @isaiah to add that to Stacks… not sure it is possible.
It is an issue for all of us.

Thanks again!

As of stacks API 10, there’s a way for developers to include a URL for missing stacks.

If no URL is provided then the user will be directed to the Info URL. If the Info URL is also absent, then the user will be directed to the Help URL. If both the Info URL and the Help URL are absent then the user will be directed to the RapidWeaver Community website.

Of course, the stacks developers would have added this plist entry.


@isaiah is the best…

…but it was @teefers who answered the question. :laughing:

There is currently a bug in Stacks 4.2.2 where the missing stacks data is not functioning. I filed a bug to Isaiah for this already.

I agree, thanks @teefers, I was just thanking @isaiah for his great work.
Thanks @joeworkman …love your work too.

Thank you all for your help!
As I have understood, I must waiting for a Stacks update version to solve Marvel’s issue… Right?

That project uses those stacks. You can either purchase them or remove them from the project. If they are the stacks mentioned, you can get them from my store here…