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(Brad Smith) #1

I’m using Reason Pro to rebuild a site. I’m having trouble with text and images on the Index page. Although the text is Centre Aligned, it becomes Right Aligned in Preview. Similarly the ‘link icons’. See screen grab. I would like the BLUE text and ‘link icons’ below to be centred. Am I asking too much? Where am I going wrong?
Edit mode:

Preview mode:

I’d appreciate ANY thoughts on this. I’m stumped.

(Doug Bennett) #2

Hey Brad,

What kind of page are you using (styled text)?

How are you centering the text in edit?

(Brian LaPan) #3

Did you write the text in Rapidweaver or copy/paste from some other app? If the latter, it’s important to strip all formatting before pasting into Rapidweaver so there’s not conflict of format.

(David) #4

It’s not that your using a Floating Text stack is it?

(Brad Smith) #5

No, David. It’s straight into Reason Pro.

(Brad Smith) #6

Doug, thanks for the reply. I’m not sure what page it is? Styled Text? Where would I find that?

I’m centering the text by selecting it and clicking the Align Centre Button at the bottom of the page.


(Brad Smith) #7

David, no stacks here.

(Brad Smith) #8

Brian, I had an inkling that would be a problem so I formatted the text to Simple Text and pasted it into RW. Should I delete it and just re-type it?

(David) #9

Try pasting it with “Paste as Plain Text” (option+comand+v ). That would eliminate any formatting being carried over from Simple Text, as Brian mentioned.

(Graham Jackson) #10

Sent you emails about this @mulgravebrad