Items have a mind of their own

I’m using Reason Pro to rebuild a site. I’m having trouble with text and images on the Index page. Although the text is Centre Aligned, it becomes Right Aligned in Preview. Similarly the ‘link icons’. See screen grab. I would like the BLUE text and ‘link icons’ below to be centred. Am I asking too much? Where am I going wrong?
Edit mode:

Preview mode:

I’d appreciate ANY thoughts on this. I’m stumped.

Hey Brad,

What kind of page are you using (styled text)?

How are you centering the text in edit?

Did you write the text in Rapidweaver or copy/paste from some other app? If the latter, it’s important to strip all formatting before pasting into Rapidweaver so there’s not conflict of format.

It’s not that your using a Floating Text stack is it?

No, David. It’s straight into Reason Pro.

Doug, thanks for the reply. I’m not sure what page it is? Styled Text? Where would I find that?

I’m centering the text by selecting it and clicking the Align Centre Button at the bottom of the page.


David, no stacks here.

Brian, I had an inkling that would be a problem so I formatted the text to Simple Text and pasted it into RW. Should I delete it and just re-type it?

Try pasting it with “Paste as Plain Text” (option+comand+v ). That would eliminate any formatting being carried over from Simple Text, as Brian mentioned.

Sent you emails about this @mulgravebrad