Jack Stack scroll behavior not responsive on mobile

When I test the scroll behavior of the Jack Stack on mobile devices, the scroll behavior does not work. When I test it on my mac and PC using firefox and chrome, the scroll behavior works as expected. When I test using the preview feature in RW6, the scroll behavior works as expected. Lastly, when I test on BrowserStack.com on various live mobile devices, whether on Android or ios, the scroll behavior does not work.

Is there anything I can do to make mobile devices react properly to the Jack Stack bg scroll behavior?

I created a simple project file that I uploaded to my website. See if your device is able to view the scroll behavior properly. The text is suppose to scroll while the image is fixed.


Unexpected behavior screenshot (Samsung Android & iphone ios):

Expected behavior screenshot (firefox windows7):

RW6 Jack Stack Setup:

It appears that the parallax effect will not work on mobile devices due to some java related reason. Essentially too cpu intensive to use… I guess. This is not limited to just jack but all stacks that use java for the parallax effect.

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Will there ever be a possibility that it would work like on the desktop?