Joe Workman Dropdown stack - can you tell it where to open?

(Jon Norris) #1

The stack normally opens directly beneath the button linked to it.
Can I force the dropdown to open somewhere else, ?
I have 9 buttons in a grid - and when clicking on the first one the dropdown masks the next two rows of buttons - meaning they cant be clicked on without clicking outside the area to close the dropdown first.
I’d like the dropdown to open beneath the whole grid, rather than just beneath the actual button clicked.
I have tried margins and padding…

(Dominick Designs Websites & Tech Training Seminars LLC) #2

It’s easier for developers to address your concerns if you provide a URL to your site.

You’re more likely to get a faster and more comprehensive response if a URL is provided.

(Jason Bostick) #3

I think a PopDrop/ButtonPlus2 combo from Big White Duck allows you to open the pop-up elsewhere. Other stacks such as Glider or Peek-a-boo could have a similar effect.

Also, given that there are 9 buttons, it might be awkward for users to have content open further down the page (particularly on mobile, it may even be off the screen). Maybe a Tab/Accordion setup might be more appropriate?

(Jon Norris) #4

Sorry, I thought it was straightforward and well explained. It is not even on the development site yet.

(Jon Norris) #5

Thanks jabostick. Client didn’t like accordion effect. They’re always right! (?). I know. I’ll tell her.

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