Just because we don't always say it

doesn’t mean we don’t miss the podcast @ben and @dan

I’m sure you’re swamped with work/life but we must at least make it until 52.


you do mean 552 right?

I thought so :slight_smile:


Aww thanks :slight_smile:

We couldn’t fit one in last week, but we’re back this week as usual :smiley:

Cheers for your ears!


Hey @dan and @ben :smiley:

I’ve always enjoyed your podcast! is on my top 10, particularly when you talk about café because I’m a junky myself, here at México we have some good stuff.
Why no music anymore? I was a fan of Dan’s singing, actually you should do some beatboxing :joy: a la Reggie Watts https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=344OpaQCAQI I don’t know who it was that didn’t like the music, but damn, some people take life too seriously.

So I have this question since forever (asked @ben on twitter with no luck), how the hell a catalog like http://rapidweavercommunity.com is made inside RapidWeaver? I’am building something similar in structure but is not for products, apparently the only three approaches I found are 1. Build it with RapidCart Pro (which is a product that blows my mind) but it its not its intended purpose, so no. 2. Use one of the Blog solutions, but I also find that too limiting because I loose all the power of stacks. And 3. Create each “product” page manually with all the stacks I want, then use something like http://www.feed43.com to scrap and generate an RSS feed an then, finally fetch the feed to the Social Stream stack to create the cards, but then there is no categories.

To summarize, I need an auto-generated card views with categories and filters, something like the awesome Filter Stack, but fetched automatically. Right now I’m solving this particular project using Jekyll and a plethora of libraries, but I’d much, much rather do it on RapidWeaver.

Last but not least, thinking of the past episodes where you discussed the future development of your apps, I agree, is best to focus on fewer things, thats why I strongly believe you should/need to fully Integrate Typed with RW at its core, or really beef up RW’s blogging engine, maybe the possibility to turn any plugging page, perhaps a Stack’s page, in to a post with the <article> , <time> , permalinks, etc. The static-locally generated perspective is beautiful, secure and I have no problem whatsoever on buying RapidWeaver installations on my clients computers for them to manage their blog. But that’s just my opinion. :+1:

Thanks guys, keep up the great work.

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