Ken Burn Effect >> Kinfolk Instructions Help

I’m simply having trouble getting Kinfolk by Micheal David Designs to work. I paid for it and then realized that the instructions are a bit confusing to me. Written out. No pictures. No examples.

Wonder if anyone could send me screenshots or otherwise help.
I really love the theme. I don’t think the instructions are good.
So sad that great theme like this is not well explained, in terms of how to make it work.

I have sent email with no response, as others have mentioned.

Thank you!

I’m having trouble too. No responses from the developer when contacted either.
Perhaps this is a good place to start a hello for four this theme.

What are you having trouble with. Perhaps I can help figure it out…?


in order to get the ken burns effect you need to buy the stack:

Thanks. My problem wasn’t so much the Ken Burns effect, but other aspects of the theme. My most recent is the banner at the top on the Kinfolk demo page which says ‘Get in touch’. The instructions don’t seem to help. I’ll start a new topic…