KINFOLK rookie question

Hi, any help appreciated, as I’m a CSS newbie. KINFOLK theme Left Adjusts the site title. I want to center it.
Can anyone suggest what code I should add (and where I should add it) to fix this? Any/all help appreciated in advance!

You can float it to the centre but what are going to do with the slogan? That currently gets pushed to the bottom left of the header as shown here.

Hi Rob, thanks for that. But I’m not using the slogan at all though. Just trying to figure out the CSS code to center the Site Title. Can you help with that?


#titlelogo h1 {
float: center;

As with all my CSS it may be clunky and should used at your own risk!

See screen for where the code goes in RW 7.5.


Thanks Rob, appreciate it. It’s all trial and error right?

No prob. Obviously check to see what happens on smaller screens.


Yep for sure. Cheers

It worked just fine. Many thanks Rob!

oops. spoke a little soon. It works just fine in preview mode, but when I update the site itself, it reverts to left adjusted. Hmmm. Any thoughts on that?

Did you republish all files?

Hi Jan, thanks. But yes, I did. Same result.

If it looks fine in preview, but not once published, it’s likely that your web browser is showing a cached version and not the latest CSS changes. Safari is very aggressive about caching page content. You can try clearing the cache, a private window or a different browser.

If you are still having issues, please post a link to the site and someone will be able to see what’s going on.

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Hi Don, yes I’ve also tried clearing caches and tried it in several browsers. Same result.

The URL is

If anyone can see the issue, that’d be wonderful!

sorry, one correction to that. It actually works in Safari now, but not Firefox (which I use a lot, but constantly clear the cache from), and also not in Chrome (which I never use normally).

Hmm, I get an ‘invalid property value’ when I use Dev Tools to look at the CSS. I’m sure it’s possible. Just needs someone with a bit of CSS nous to step in.

You can’t use “float: center;”, it doesn’t exist

Try this:

#titlelogo h1 {
    float: none !important;

You may not need the !important directive. Try without and add if necessary.

Hi Don, sorry for late reply but… that worked perfectly (and in all browsers). Many thanks!

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