Kiki and selling photos

I don’t know if I need a plug-in or a whole new theme, but I’m using Kiki for my photography web page. I’d like to add the ability for a viewer to click on a thumbnail or full-sized photo with the opportunity to buy it and send them to a page that allows that. I’m guessing that I need a different theme that allows that. Ideas?

Hi Bob,

Rapidweaver doesn’t really work that way. It’s not the theme which handles stuff like this, so you can carry on using Kiki if it suits you.

If you’re using the standard page types then you could add Paypal buttons yourself by pasting in the HTML that Paypal provides. Or you could use a third party ‘store’ like Ecwid which lets you do the same. Alternatively, you could use a plugin like RapidCart Pro from Foreground which helps you create a shop inside your project.

If you’re using the Stacks plugin then you’ll have even more options. You can try all three of the methods mentioned above, plus there are other shopping cart stacks. Have a look at the RW Community site for ideas.


Great! Thanks for all the suggestions.

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