Open Foundry Modal Stack Using an External Link

I have really liked Foundry, with its many qualities, but one thing that I do miss having come from Foundation is the ability to open different stacks using external IDs. I don’t have a working knowledge of CSS, HTML, etc. I just put stacks together, which is why I love RapidWeaver.

Foundry has a Modal stack, but it is opened with a button. Other stacks are opened as well with buttons. While this does make things simpler, there is one instance that I would love to open a stack, like Foundry Modal, by creating a link from an icon on my home page to the Modal stack using the RapidWeaver link process. I can do this with JW Glider stack for example, but some of the Foundry stacks don’t play well with the Glider stack.

Any suggestions on how to do this?

Hi there @IdahoSAM – Triggering the Modal from another element is not a feature of the stack.

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