Links to blog going to the bottom of the post

I’m using Go CMS unlimited and have a support request in to Mike, but these are crazy times, so I don’t know when he’s going to be able to reply.

When I link to my blog posts, it always default to the bottom of the post.

Is there a setting I can implement in GO CMS or Rapidweaver that means that the links will go to the top?

Link here -

Hope you’re all doing okay.



It is the browser that is doing this. It is remembering the “Scroll state” of that page. Most new folks who click your link will not go to the bottom of the page.

To fix this, you need to tell the browser to no do this. Add the javascript below to do this.

window.history.scrollRestoration = 'manual';

This will tell the bowser to stop going to the previous scroll-state automatically.

I hope this helps answer your question.


Just tried that in Chrome and it is as you say Mike, so thanks for that. I’ll mark the ticket as closed. I hope you’re well and thanks for such a speedy response - no surprise, but appreciated.

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