RW Upgrade and Stack Install Folder Issue

I just upgraded to High Sierra as well as the latest RW version (7.5.4) In RW preferences I have a RW Addons folder specified for all stack installations, and prior to these updates all new stacks were successfully installed in this folder. Not now however. I just installed 2 Stacks4Stacks stacks, and instead of putting them in my RW Addons folder, RW put them in the Library/Application Support/Rapidweaver/Stacks folder.

Then, they don’t show up in RW’s project Library at all. So is this a RW update issue? The previous version had absolutely no trouble installing new stacks in my specified folder, but the new RW (unless complicated by High Sierra) isn’t getting the message.

How to fix this? Anyone else experiencing this issue?

Might want to check out this post

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Checked it out, performed the switch (without moving all addons in folder, just using Rapidweaver managed), restarted RW (this was done many times prior also), but no luck. RW is simply not installing addons in the specified folder in preferences, it is automatically installing them in the Library/AppSupport/RW/stacks folder location. Can’t seem to get it to change its mind.

I just told RW to use the folder managed by RW and move all addons. Quit RW and started a new project. Then I installed the S4S stack and RW informed me that it was already installed - I replaced it. However while I am now using the RW managed folder for addons, that is not where I would like RW to store these, since I need to copy them to my laptop fairly regularly.

I have done extensive documentation on this issue and submitted it to Yourhead. Basically what is happening is that in RW preferences when the “Managed by RW” folder is selected and all addons moved there (instead of my custom folder) and after a quit and re-install, Newly-installed stacks are not being installed in that folder. All my addons are in:

Home folder/Library/Containers/com.realmacsoftware.rapidweaver/Data/Library/Application Support/Rapidweaver

All new stack installs are going to:
Home/Library/Application Support/Rapidweaver/Stacks

All new installs are not being seen by RW’s project library. Unless I manually drag the newly-installed stacks out of their current location and add them to the other folder, they are not seen at all. New stacks are being added to a different folder than the one that RW has been set to manage addons.

thank you for your explanations, I had the same problem stacks that no longer appeared

@Jody - would you mind terribly forwarding this email to Realmac support? I will, of course, take a look at it myself too – however RapidWeaver (the main app) does all the installations. If there is a problem in that department then the Realmac guys should probably know about it.

@dan @simon


For Dan, Simon, or anyone else interested in troubleshooting the issue, here’s a link to the pdf detailing the issue and the steps I took to try and troubleshoot:


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