Lock Up Server Publishing

RW8 been publishing all my sites perfectly without a hitch and working on the latest of them at the moment and having difficulty. Unlike the others, I managed to just delete the contents of the main folders from the Linux server and all went well; however, the one I’m trying to work on now had too many folders to just click each one and kill. So, I trashed everything in the public_html folder and upon trying to publish, RW8 won’t publish.

What the publishing screen says is…

Publishing your website (0 of 30 files published)
========= a line showing 0 progress
Back up your website…
========= a line showing 0 progress

Then eventually the screen details says…

Couldn’t sign in to your FTP server

Is there a base folder or index.htm that should be there for starters? Oh, and when I select cancel publishing, the screen just locks and I can’t do anything.


Without more information it’s difficult to say what happened.
You said you “trashed everything” in the public html folder, how did you do this?

  1. What happens when you hit the test button?
  2. Have you tried clearing the path and hit the browse button
  3. Screenshot of the publishing settings
  4. Screenshot of the error message
  5. What hosting company?
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Looks like he double posted his issue. – Please don’t do that.

Other thread


@DLH actually that other post was an error. The website said that there was an error making the post and to try it again later. I did try and it said that the title had a problem. So, I changed the title slightly and posted it thusly here. Please feel free to delete the other or am I able to do that? My apologies.

Also, my computer was having a “memory” issue, which might have contributed to the error, related to “Critical Memory Shortage” (as a side note the moment I seen that message on my screen I thought . . “How can it know that, it’s a computer, only I know I have a memory shortage” hehehehe)

Anyways, on the phone with Apple on and off all day, had to reset the cache, reset the login, remove like 90 wifi standby connections, a bunch of other junk, and reload Java that somehow was missing and now I’m back on course. Is RW8 a computer memory resource “heavy consumer” ?? Just curious cuz I’ve never had an “Your system has run out of application memory.” message before.

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