Looking for a specific file upload with a download facility

I am looking for a way to allow a customer to upload a file to a specific page or upload box. This file then needs to be accessible to the site end user to download and either not be dependent on the filename or name checked before upload.

Requesting that a custom name a file to a specific name is beyond some customers and a potential way for file download problems.

The obvious way to do this would be to check the file being uploaded is the only correct filename allowed. If incorrect then hopefully the message would alert the to correct the file name. Then a link on the web site would always have the latest correct file to download.

Alternatively, a way to upload any file to a sort of clipboard and allow that file to be downloaded might work but would shift the responsibility onto the customer to upload the correct file (not such a bad thing).

Anyone know of a RW friendly way to do this?

did you ever find a solution?

For uploading have a look at Repository from InStacks and for displaying a list of files on a page for visitors to view / download have a look at Paperless fron Stacks4Stacks.