Looking for a stack with expand/truncate function

I’am looking for a stack, something like Paragraph Pro (BWD) or Trunky (Doobox).

I want to build an expandable textbox, but when be opened the appearance of the textbox should change. May there should be a colored line or a border at the top and the color should change when I open the text.

Any ideas?

Take a look at Toggle Plus. I’m pretty sure that’ll do it and there’s a trial version so you can see for yourself.


Thanks Rob. I thought about TogglePlus before but is has not the function I want:

The text stack should have a top line (or border) - but that’s not the problem. The problem is that the top line should change their color when the text stack is open.

I didn’t find such a stack

Sorry, I’m not entirely clear what it is you’re trying to achieve then. Can you mock something up - a closed screen and an opened one - showing the effect?


I made a mockup from this. I hope it will be clearer then

At the moment the line is defined by a divider stack, but it could be just a top border line of the text stack.

Right. I’m 99% certain you’ll be able to do this with one or more of Big White Duck’s stacks but it’s a bit beyond my paygrade at the moment. :sunglasses:

I’d look at SectionsBox in conjunction with Paragraph Pro as a start.

Good luck!

SectionsBox might be a good hint. I hadn’t discovered the possibilities I have with that stack.