Looking for automatic screenshot uploading and displaying

Hi there,
I wanted to create automatic screenshots and get them displayed on my webpage. I have sport results displayed a computer. They should be visible on the webpage, refreshed every minute or so. Maybe I can get the screenshots automatically uploaded to an ftp, but then displayed and refreshed on the the webpage? is there a stack for something like this?

Thanks for the help.


I think there may be a few solutions. I’d recommend using the wonderful ProGallery stack:

It has an option where it will automatically read whatever images are currently stored at a warehoused address. If you can get the auto-upload to FTP working, then this would be a great solution.

I believe Gallery3 stack will also do something similar.

Looks like Photo from @nickcates will also upload images from a folder on a server
click on Batch on the left side.

thanks for your reply. I solved it with your recommendations.
I used share X and a vbs script for the automatic upload to the ftp.
I added the ProGallery Stack on the website and it works perfect. (http://ssv-langenfeld.de/Live/)
big thanks for the help


That’s great to hear! Glad you found a solution. I didn’t now about Share X before: now it’s giving me some ideas for future projects.