Looking for file sharing stack that requests email address

(Tim York) #21

So it looks like Formsnap would be a good choice.
Thanks again for putting the time in to create these examples, Joe.

(Joe Martin) #22

No problem…I have it as a RW 8 foundation file if you would like the project file.

(Tim York) #23

Yes, that would be great, thank you. You can email it to the address I filled in on your examples if that’s Ok.
Also, can I just ask about Foundation? Is this the Joe Workman product and do I need to have it for the project file you are going to send me to open Ok?

(Joe Martin) #24

You will need the Foundation theme…
I did use @joeworkman’s stacks…so the ones I used will show as not installed. but you should be able to see what I did.
I simplified it a bit…works the same.

(Tim York) #25

I’ve just installed the Foundation theme, so ready to go.

(Joe Martin) #26

You should have access to the file

(Tim York) #27

Great, got it - thank you.

(system) #28

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