Looking to hires to help me with Meta Tags

I’m looking for someone who can help me with Meta Tags for a site I’m currently developing. Basically, my client I’m developing the site for hired a marketing company and they sent me a file containing a Meta Tag list and also an “Hx” list for the home page.

I would like to hire someone to help me on this, I want to get it right.

Please send me a message if you are interested, I can give you all the relevant information later.


Hi Fitz,

did you check out Joe Workman’s SEO Helper? Great tool to add Meta Tags in your site. Maybe this can help you to do the job yourself.



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H1-H6 (hx) is easy for you to fix yourself. Depending on the type of page you are using would change how you do that change, but it’s simple to do.

Did they send you the actual HTML meta tags lines of code? If they did you can simply place them as is in the head section of the page.

Without seeing what they sent you it’s hard to say for sure.

You said that this is for a client, so it’s probably a good idea that you learn how to do this kind of stuff yourself. It would really cut into your profits if you need to subcontract simple things like this. With a sample of what they sent you you can get good help here.

Also, you might want to understand and make sure your client knows what they can expect from what they have been sent. The h1-h6’s can and probably will impact the SERP ranking. Google and Bing both have made it very clear that the metadata (stuff not seen by the end-user) will have no impact on search result rankings.

It might (less and less) impact what gets displayed on the SERP(search engine results page). Google in particular is using their own description based on the content and matching what’s being searched for.

@Panans & teeters: Thanks for your suggestions, I already use SEO Helper in a few sites.
My idea in asking for help with meta tags was to get an opinion from someone with a lot of experience because I couldn’t be wrong on this job. By the same token, I wanted to have a colleague whom I could hire later for future contracts. Besides, thank you to Fuellemann who helped me yesterday in this file.

Thank you all,