M1 Macs 'Plug in is missing'

How are people dealing with these errors? I gather that all stacks seem to work okay. Is everyone just going for a stack based solution to any plug-in woes?

Run RapidWeaver in Rosetta mode. There are a few threads on this if you search…

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I am lol. I’m using Foundation 1, which seems performing well (thank you :slight_smile: ), but Rapidcart Pro and Formloom 3 have stopped working. I believe Rapidcart Pro 4 has a beta, though I doubt Mike will be looking to update Formloom 3. The update to Formloom 4 is still in Beta , so not sure if it will resolve the problem.

I didn’t think Formloom 3 was code signed so it probably wouldn’t work on Catalina even on an Intel Mac.

The Stacks 4 plugin (latest version) should work natively. The individual stacks (Foundations, Galleries, morals, etc, etc) don’t care about the chip or OS.
It’s just plugins that are affected by the MacOS or the processor.
If you are using Catalina or newer, the plugin has to be properly signed by the developer.all currently supported plugins have been. If you are using an older plugin, versions before Catalina (October 7, 2019) then you can’t use it. Don’t blame the addon developers, it’s the big brother (Apple) protecting you from yourself.

If you are running a signed copy of a plugin, but one that hasn’t had a native Apple chip version, you can use Rosetta mode.

Thanks Doug. I think that stacks are the way forward in Rapidweaver anyway. Formloom 3 has given brilliant service and I found the ability to save to a Google sheet really useful. I think I’ll be buying the One Little Designer ‘Super Forms’ which looks pretty great.

Joe, out of curiosity, do the form stacks in Foundation 6 (or Foundation 1) allow you to populate a google sheet with data? I know Post office can populate an SQL database, but the Google Sheets feature is really useful. I’ve checked on your demo site, but can’t see it mentioned.

It does not support it directly. However, you could use it with Zapier to achieve that.

Get back to your conference…hehehhee


I know you are looking for a stacks solution, but Formloom 4, does what you want.

In Stacks I don’t own it but I think FormSnap out of the box does Google sheets.

I don’t own it, but I don’t think Chilidog’s(@barchard) FormsPlus does Google sheets. It looks as though it will write to a MySQL database and a flat file.

You should keep in mind that more and more developers are getting away from using Google because they keep changing the API.

I havre no idea what that is?

Zapier | The easiest way to automate your work

I appreciate the advice Doug.

It seems that every four or five years we have something that changes that we have and adapt and as frustrating as that is, I don’t blame developers. I think the cheapest option seems to be super forms by one little designer.

I have SuperForm 2 and it works well. I’ve never tried the Google Sheets option though, have too much respect for customer privacy to use Google for anything.

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