Mac OS Mojave and Stacks

RW 8.0.3
I trialled the Mac OS Mojave beta on another Mac and all was well. However, I upgraded to the official Mojave last night on another Mac I use… and Stacks is not there!


Also, you cannot bring the pointer down onto “Browse Plugins”

Am going to double check the other Beta Mac to be sure but wondered if anyone else had this issue?

I simply reinstalled the Stacks plugin and all seems well. I have all my stacks and plugins in iCloud Drive rather than stored locally for convenience.

Must have been a ripple in the fabric of time.

However the issue about not being able to access “Browse Plugins” in the menu remains both on iMac 27" retina and new MacBook Pro retina.

Yep, same here. I’ve been running the beta programme from day 1, now on 10.14 with no problems regarding RW 7/8 or Stacks.

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