macOS High Sierra (10.13.2)

It seems to me that after upgrading to macOS High Sierra (10.13.2) and running RW7 there’s some small strange behaviours - like installing addons; preview.
Does someone else out there observe the same?
And are there any working around about this in coming upgrades i RW?

Yes, I’ve noticed that some stacks install in another location and i have to copy them over to show up in the stacks library

I saw that behaviour before High Sierra. Double clicking stacks was installing in the “old” location. What seemed to fix it was deleting the old folders.

About installing - it’s more complicated then explained.
I can’t install with the “Installer” ex. Joe Workman “Cycler” - it says that my Automator Installer doens’t work with my macOS - I have to manually work through Automator?? - Maybe it’s a problem with Joe’s addons or a problem that macOS doesn’t understand Joe’s Installer
Furthermore when Previewing a page in RW, sometimes it doesn’t show corretct - images are not correct show (only partial) text are misplaced. It all appered after upgrading to High Sierra

If you are seeing the installer, you have an old version of the stack. Use our order lookup page to get the latest version

which will give you a .rwaddon file which you can either double click or drag and drop onto the RapidWeaver icon (my preferred way of installing).

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