Magazine stack RW7

RW7. I have the Magazine stack.

Using settings Display Double and start at page 1, the content appears on the right hand side. I attach screenshot.

What are settings please for the content to appear on the left hand side? On the developer’s website, the example there has an image on the lefthand side but I’d like to use it as a cover for magazine title.

Have you approached the stack’s author for assistance? Who makes it?

Decided against using this stack: it is not flexible enough and probably not intended for substantial content.

Take a look at
Might offer more options

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There are several good Mac Programs for making FlipBooks on a mac. HTML5 output can be used instead of Flash. The magazine Stack is nice for small projects as I recall. There are also potential licensing matters with that stack.

FlipPDF, NextFlipBook are both nice and reasonable. Be sure you search for a sale on this type of software.

I have no affiliation with either company. My link has no affiliate code… just takes you to the homepage.


Thanks for the suggestions, will follow through if a ‘magazine’ per se if what I’m after. What I’d wanted use the Magazine stack for is a timeline. Amongst the stacks bought over the years I’ve found cleanTabs which has a dot feature. All done now and published

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Awesome work Michael… I really like the way you set this up. Straight forward and simple with a very clean look.

$300 HTML5 FlipBook for $29.

I have no affiliation with the website or the software company. This is a great website to get good deals on Mac software.

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