Make YouTube video popup on click

Im sure this is very very easy. However I cant seem to figure it out. Im using @Elixir’s flat button 2 stack. Id love to use YouTubes embed feature to have the video popup over the RW site and play instead of going to YouTubes site. Just looks alot more prefessional. Wondering hwo to make this happen. Thank you.

You need to use some kind of modal window for that.

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Check out the Velvet Video stack by Nick Cates. It’s really cool and got a great look. Here is a sample page.

??? Not fully understanding your question. As others have mentioned a modal element will allow a video to pop up as you describe. There are several different options out there, but Velvet does look very nice (especially if you use videos a lot).

… however if you just embed a YouTube video into your page it does not “pop up” but it also does not automatically go to a YouTube website. It will play nicely in your page. And people will also see an icon (lower right) that will allow them to see the video in full screen.

… so if your primary concern is users not going to YouTube then that’s already solved by a regular embed. It’s true they can choose to go to YouTube by clicking on the YouTube logo, but few people will do that.


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