Marked as changed even closed without saving!?

I really cannot understand some parts of Rapid Weaver when saving/publishing.
Sometimes the duration to save is sooo long, no indicator anything is going on.

but what I face now is worse.
even I closed a document without saving, after open that doc again, some parts are marked as changed!?
what is the idea about this?
what did you think devs?
is it typical for a mac application?

I also face some other strange things…
when preview in safari, everything is a it should, when published, it is different!?
is this application really that buggy!?

That’s most probably a caching issue of your browser.

So, either delete the browser cache, or try to republish all files, which should have the same effect.

Or, for example, you have 2 versions of your page online, an html and a php file. This might occur when using a stack with php requirement.

It’s not RW what’s causing this issue.

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I agree with Jannis from @instacks. The chances are that either its the browser cache or you have both html and php files. If you have an FTP program (and you really should have one), you can easily check the latter.

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the question about RW to be buggy mostly was related to have a changed status after closing a RW document without saving – this should definitively not be related to anything on a published website and therefore its only a RW issue!?

I always empty caches and reload pages after upload a new version also often republish all files.
This did not change anything. About the html/php issue, I normally see a warning in RW.
Checked also by FTP app – only php files there.

This is noted and addressed: RW 8 Bug? - upon open, automatically updates date of addons folder AND RW files

Thank you.

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