Missing stacks in Marvel and Royal Themes (resolved)

I opened the Royal and Marvel demo project files and see missing stacks. Nick Cates seems to have sold these off to Realmac Software. Where do I go to get help/find the missing components?

Thanks for any assistance!



I understand folks are busy with a new launch and the issues surrounding all that, but could really use some help.



What stacks are missing?

If you are referring to the stacks that came with the themes (MarvelSplit.stack for Marvel) then I’d suggest that you simply are-download the Themes from Nicks’s old site.


Thanks for responding.

The Royal theme has place holders for the following on the Features (Home) page:

The statement in the content window:
The stack is not currently installed. You need to reinstall it to use it.

I don’t seem to recall seeing this in the downloaded .rw8 project file.

Thanks, again!


Well, I hate to do this to myself, but I gotta…

According to the Read Me First file, that I hadn’t read:

Important Note about the Demo Project.

The example project uses Velvet and Photo Base stacks from Nick Cates Design, these are now available from weavers.space

Makes things complicated. I need to find someone to hire to help with this little project of mine.

Thanks for the assistance, teefers. I do appreciate it.


Glad you got it figured out.

You probably could replace the photo stack with another gallery stack if you own one.

Same would probably be true with the video (Velvet).

Or of course, you could purchase those as well.

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