Metatags Description Auto Fill Request

It would be helpful if the name field of the metatag master code and page code had a dropdown list of the common names with a custom entry for the less common names.


I agree. I’ve been creating sites for decades and I still find it hard to remember the common meta tags!

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Also, it’s a waste of time to have to type the name every time, and what if you accidentally spell the name wrong!

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There is a work-a-round that is easy peasy…

On a page that has all the meta data tags you want, choose view source, hilight the global ones, copy, add a new snippet, name it _Global Meta Tags and paste in the code in the box below.

Repeat for page specific meta tags, naming the snippet _Page Meta Tags

This way you have a snippet that you can paste in global head area or page head area of each site and page as a starting point, just change the content of each meta tag to suit…


That’s true, @Turtle. I can’t say I have many global meta tags, but it’s a good approach. On the other hand, as RW has a specific area for meta tags, it makes sense to make it more efficient.

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