Minalicious theme shows white rectangle

I have looked through the settings and didn’t see a way to remove the white rectangle that appears on top of the banner image? See screenshot. The theme is Minalicious by Will Woodgate which I presume is a default that came with RW 7

That will be your empty site slogan container. If you do not intend to display a site slogan on your website, then you can easily turn it off in Theme Styles > Miscellaneous > Hide Site Slogan in the newest version of the theme. 9.2 is the latest version as of writing this.

In older versions without this option, you can use this custom CSS code to accomplish a similar thing:

#sloganBorder {
	display: none;

However a word of warning. Regardless of what theme you ever choose to build a website with in RW, a site slogan forms a fairly critical piece of information that helps search engines identify your website. Leaving it empty can have repercussions on how well search engine optimised your website is. The slogan is normally one of the first pieces of written content a search bot sees at the top of a page. And because it is wrapped in H2 tags, this elevates its prominence furthermore.

For those interested, here is a link to the Minalicious theme:

Ok Will thank you for your help.