Move own theme from one computer to another

(Michael Gamer ) #1

Hi all,

I modified an existing theme and stored it with a new name. Now I would like to work with this them on my MacBook Air and have to transfer the theme. I copied it to the same Library folder on the MB Air whirr I found the them on my MBPro. But when opening RW6 the theme is not recognized. Can anyone give me a hint what I can do to make the new theme available on both machines?

Greetings from Germany


(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #2

@mgamer I would delete it from the computer that does not recognize it (use command-option and push 7 to open the addons folder). Most developers have a way to look up your purchase orders, see if you can do this and download it on that computer and install it by dragging and dropping it on the RapidWeaver 6 icon.
Hopefully this works.

(Andy Pearce) #3

@zeebe - I can see this being good for an unmodified theme but not for one that has been changed as in this case.

This thread has saved me starting a new one as I came across the same problem yesterday.

(Nik Fletcher) #4

What location is the theme in? Did you have to create the folder in ~/Library/Containers or did this exist already? When moving a theme, you should always use RapidWeaver itself to handle the installation (via double-click, or Ctrl-Click -> Open With… -> RapidWeaver 6).


(Michael Gamer ) #5

Tanks for the replies and hints. On the working machine (with the modified them) the modified them is in …/Library/containers/…/library/Application Support/ RapidWeaver/Themes. The file located there I moved to the same location on the other machine. But this did not help.



(Nik Fletcher) #6

If you restart your mac, drag the Theme icon onto RapidWeaver 6’s icon, does the theme then get installed?

(Michael Gamer ) #7

O.K. we´re coming closer to the problem. If I do so as Nik proposed I get an error message “RW is unable to install the theme” Maybe the theme is corrupted. Hmmm. I work with this modified theme, an do not see that is is corrupted.


(Nik Fletcher) #8

What is the full error message, please? A copy of the theme to would be useful, too.

(Michael Gamer ) #9

The full message is as follows:

Unable to install theme.
There was a problem installing the theme. Please check that the theme has not been corrupted.

I´ve sent the file on the given adress.


(Michael Gamer ) #10

There was something corrupted inside the theme-file. To solve I did (with Nik´s help) the following:

  1. Saved the modified theme again from the working machine
  2. transferred it to then new machine
  3. Moved it on the RW6-icon

… everything is fine now. Thank you very much!


(Nik Fletcher) #11

Great to hear! Glad you were able to get it moved!