Move own theme from one computer to another

Hi all,

I modified an existing theme and stored it with a new name. Now I would like to work with this them on my MacBook Air and have to transfer the theme. I copied it to the same Library folder on the MB Air whirr I found the them on my MBPro. But when opening RW6 the theme is not recognized. Can anyone give me a hint what I can do to make the new theme available on both machines?

Greetings from Germany


@mgamer I would delete it from the computer that does not recognize it (use command-option and push 7 to open the addons folder). Most developers have a way to look up your purchase orders, see if you can do this and download it on that computer and install it by dragging and dropping it on the RapidWeaver 6 icon.
Hopefully this works.

@zeebe - I can see this being good for an unmodified theme but not for one that has been changed as in this case.

This thread has saved me starting a new one as I came across the same problem yesterday.

What location is the theme in? Did you have to create the folder in ~/Library/Containers or did this exist already? When moving a theme, you should always use RapidWeaver itself to handle the installation (via double-click, or Ctrl-Click → Open With… → RapidWeaver 6).


Tanks for the replies and hints. On the working machine (with the modified them) the modified them is in …/Library/containers/…/library/Application Support/ RapidWeaver/Themes. The file located there I moved to the same location on the other machine. But this did not help.



If you restart your mac, drag the Theme icon onto RapidWeaver 6’s icon, does the theme then get installed?

O.K. we´re coming closer to the problem. If I do so as Nik proposed I get an error message “RW is unable to install the theme” Maybe the theme is corrupted. Hmmm. I work with this modified theme, an do not see that is is corrupted.


What is the full error message, please? A copy of the theme to would be useful, too.

The full message is as follows:

Unable to install theme.
There was a problem installing the theme. Please check that the theme has not been corrupted.

I´ve sent the file on the given adress.


There was something corrupted inside the theme-file. To solve I did (with Nik´s help) the following:

  1. Saved the modified theme again from the working machine
  2. transferred it to then new machine
  3. Moved it on the RW6-icon

… everything is fine now. Thank you very much!


Great to hear! Glad you were able to get it moved!

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