Move photo from one album to another

(Myron Molnau) #1

RW7.5.5 on OS 10.11.6
I am in the process of breaking up some photo albums which I created using the standard RW Photo Album page. As an example, I have Album1, Album2 and Album3. I want to move some images from Album2 to Album1.

I thought I should be able to select the images in the Edit view and simply drag them to the Album1 icon under Pages in the lefthand column but no go.

I can easily just delete the desired images in Album2 and then reimport them into Album1 but, being the somewhat stubborn person that I am, I would like to use something simple like drag and drop which has fewer chances of mistakes for my clumsy fingers to make.

Don’t tell me to switch to stacks because I already know how to do all this using stacks. There must be a simple way to move images that I have not seen.

Thanks for any help.

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #2

I doubt that there is a way to move one image to another album like you are trying.

(system) #3

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