Multiple Domain Names for one site

(Dave Martinez) #1

I built and need to change it where different domain names get used for each piece of the site. For example, I own and want to use that for the nine pound hammer portion of the site. I own all the matching domain names, but not sure how to set this up. Ideas?

(scott williams) #2

The easiest way is to make each one a seperate RW project.

(Dave Martinez) #3

Thanks! Would I just change all the pages for the other sites “offsite pages”? For example, if I am on the tavern site, and I want to look at the ninepoundhammer page, I would make the nine pound page an offsite link instead?

(scott williams) #4

That’s certainly one option, I’m not real clear on what you are after.

Why not just send them to the nine pound hammer site in another tab?

(Christopher Watson) #5

Sounds right to me…

(gary pullings) #6

Use them as sub domains

(Dave Martinez) #7

Thanks everyone! This is exactly what I was looking for!