Multiple issues with RW 8.1.3

(Thomas Roegner) #9

Yep. Just read your blog post. Interesting that the devs (=you) have to fiddle with all these small and detailled things like the appearence of buttons and symbols “only” because Apple decided to have a dark mode (which I don’t use at all, never was a friend of dark UIs not even in photoshop or similar programs). And takes you days to get it how you want it. Kinda like us RW users trying to build a site which looks perfect – in a much more coarse way…

(Tim Jessell) #10

Yes… updating to 8.1.3 was a disaster… wanted to relink all these jpeg files… I complied… then errors loading page - site never loaded, could not a view single page. Thank God for time machine and downgrade version. Again what a disaster. Not happy…

(Tom Bradley) #11

@capetom Thanks! Could you do a few more things for me…

  1. Take a screenshot of the General preferences in the Photos app
  2. Send me RapidWeaver’s logs
    • Make sure RapidWeaver is closed
    • Launch RapidWeaver
    • Create a new project
    • Open the Site Resources window
    • Choose Photos
    • Wait for ~30 seconds or so
    • Choose “Copy Support Logs” from RapidWeaver’s Help menu
    • Email the file to with a subject of “FAO: Tom #3025

(Thomas Roegner) #12

Thanks a mil, @tpbradley ,

sent the mail with screenshots and log.

(Julian) #13

Hello and thank you tom.

As to #1. I sent the screen shot in a support request email and I think you already saw it. Let me know if you would still like me to sent the project file. I am on a location shoot and will not be back into the studio until Monday.

As to #2 Great thank you.

As to #3. Ok I’ll hang on. Thanks.

As to #4. YaY! FABULOUS! Thank you muchly.


(Tom Bradley) #14

There’s a new beta up that fixes a bunch of things!

@Julian @capetom Could you give it a try and let me know if you’re still having problems.

(Julian) #15

Thank you so much for grinding on this. I’ll be back in the office Monday and will fire it up and see where the smoke leaks out. :smiley:
And will let you know.
Again thank you so so much.

(Johnnie Byrd) #16

I’m getting tired, and gun-shy, of hitting the update button and then spending hours getting things back the way they were (Time Machine). Thinking about WordPress …

(Julian) #17

Tom, you nailed it!
I just tested 20641b and all the issues I was having seem to be fixed. To it…

#1. Saves are now working -and working faster than ever before!
#2. Photo Album thumbnail size is now working as it should.
#3. Non-issue. Just a lack of documentation.
#4. The odd quirk of placing first file in a sequence at the end has been fixed. YaY!

As far as I can tell this version fixes all the bugs introduced in previous versions and also addresses a minor issue that I’ve had for years.

Thank you so much Tom and the whole development team. You ROCK!!!

(Tom Bradley) #18

Thanks for letting me know @Julian, that’s great to hear!

(Gavin Tanner) #19

Hi Tom
installed 8.1.3 and since then have lost all links to resource files. Using Rapidcart pro
Any help would be appreciated

(Tom Bradley) #20

Hey @gavtanner, would you be able to send your project file to with a subject of “FAO: Tom #3029”.

Also, have you tried the 8.1.4 beta to see if it solves the problem?


(Gavin Tanner) #21

Hi Tom
File is on the way. Its a large file
Thank you

(Gavin Tanner) #22

File is 40MB. seems to big to email.
Any ideas to send to you

(Doug Bennett) #23

Best bet would be to use something like Dropbox, and Email a link to the file.

(Gavin Tanner) #24

thank you

(Tom Bradley) #25

@gavtanner Thanks for sending your project in! I’ve taken a look and it appears that this is a problem with the RapidCart Pro plugin.

When you first opened the project with 8.1.3 I imagine you were presented with a window about missing resources, asking you to re-link them. If you re-linked the images and they’re all visible in RapidWeaver’s resource browser then it’s most likely a problem in RapidCart.

Have you contacted the developers of RapidCart about the problem?


(Gavin Tanner) #26

Hi Tom

Firstly thank you for looking at this for me.
After 2 days of work i have finally sorted this problem out. To resolve it i have installed RW8.1.4 and deleted every resource and re-linked them in the resources panel. I also had to remove all links in RapidCart to the resources and reinstate them as well. Then republished the complete website.
It appears to be back working ok but i am still going through thorough testing of every page to ensure all is ok.
Thanks again for your input.
Much appreciated

(Tom Bradley) #27

Ah man that sounds laborious, I’m glad you got it working though!

It might be worth forwarding your project to the RapidCart devs just in case there is a problem at their end.


(system) #28

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