Multiple issues with RW 8.1.3

(Gavin Tanner) #21

Hi Tom
File is on the way. Its a large file
Thank you

(Gavin Tanner) #22

File is 40MB. seems to big to email.
Any ideas to send to you

(Doug Bennett) #23

Best bet would be to use something like Dropbox, and Email a link to the file.

(Gavin Tanner) #24

thank you

(Tom Bradley) #25

@gavtanner Thanks for sending your project in! I’ve taken a look and it appears that this is a problem with the RapidCart Pro plugin.

When you first opened the project with 8.1.3 I imagine you were presented with a window about missing resources, asking you to re-link them. If you re-linked the images and they’re all visible in RapidWeaver’s resource browser then it’s most likely a problem in RapidCart.

Have you contacted the developers of RapidCart about the problem?


(Gavin Tanner) #26

Hi Tom

Firstly thank you for looking at this for me.
After 2 days of work i have finally sorted this problem out. To resolve it i have installed RW8.1.4 and deleted every resource and re-linked them in the resources panel. I also had to remove all links in RapidCart to the resources and reinstate them as well. Then republished the complete website.
It appears to be back working ok but i am still going through thorough testing of every page to ensure all is ok.
Thanks again for your input.
Much appreciated

(Tom Bradley) #27

Ah man that sounds laborious, I’m glad you got it working though!

It might be worth forwarding your project to the RapidCart devs just in case there is a problem at their end.


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