My 5.4.1 version publishes fine, but the duplicate 6.3.4 version is denied, why?!

My site is here:

I know that some people are having problems with the 6.3.5 update but my problem is slightly different.

If I make a change to the Rapidweaver 5.4.1 version of this site I can upload with no problems at all.

However I have just created a Rapidweaver 6.3.4 version of the same site, and haven’t altered the publishing settings, but now am unable to upload this version of the site. I get the message: “Couldn’t upload to your FTP server. Login denied”

Can anyone think why this might be?

Hi all,

I’m now having problems publishing with another of my 6.3.4 sites, unable to publish. I thought only 6.3.5 was the problem. Will resort to export for now. Anyone experiencing publishing issues with 6.3.4? At this rate I might as well upgrade to 6.3.5!

I had problems with 6.3.4 last week after being unable to publish with 6.3.5. Using 6.3.4 it published but some of the stacks were performing improperly. Exporting the site and uploading via Yummy FTP worked perfectly. Moving forward I think I shall just adopt a workflow that involves uploading via Yummy or some other FTP client.

Whenever I have upgraded a site from 5-6 I have deleted the old files using an ftp client and then published from scratch. Seems worth doing when there are so many stack and plug-in upgrades you may have in RW6 that are incompatible with RW5

manofdogz: I don’t know if I’d have the courage to delete old files, just in case I deleted something important accidentally, like google authentication files or robot files etc. But thanks for the tip.

ashleykaryl: Yes that’s a sensible alternative thank you.

I manually delete all folders and files except .htaccess / robots and google/bing authentication if they are there - they’ll be on the root and not hidden away in some folder so easy to leave in place. For the Google / Bing authentication I use the metatag version for this very reason - becomes integral part of your RW project rather than a separate file on the server.