My RW Crash Part III

(Humberto Hernandez) #1

(Mark Sealey) #2


If you can’t even Force Quit, it suggests to me that there is something wrong outside of RW - perhaps in the OS itself? Good luck!

(Nik Fletcher) #3

If you’re able to ZIP up the project file and send a download link (perhaps to a Dropbox file) to support at realmacsoftware dot com we can investigate further.


(Humberto Hernandez) #4

Gracias Nik

I will do that.
I need an email address for the dropbox. I will open a folder for that matter.
Can you email me your at: [email redacted by forum moderator]?

Thanks for your help.

Sunny Puerto Rico

(Nik Fletcher) #5

Please could I ask you to simply generate a Dropbox Share URL (via the Right-click menu) instead and send that over? That way, more than one member of the team can retrieve the files easily instead of being tied to one person’s Dropbox?



(Humberto Hernandez) #6

The link was sent to support, hope you get it right. Any help will be appreciated.


(Mark Sealey) #7


Not wishing to push in, have you thought of obscuring your email address posted here now that it’s served its purpose: spammers love that kind of ‘invitation’? :-(((((