Need some guidance on credit card payments

I am a very basic user of RapidWeaver. Starting with RW6, I’ve built about a half dozen very simple web sites. Now my producing partner and I want to use a web site to sell DVD documentaries that we make. I’ve set up an account with Stripe, but every time I try to figure out to implement accepting payments I keep chasing down rat holes.

I don’t mind a one-time payment, but balk at incurring monthly charges. The way DVDs seem to sell is many when first released but rapidly falling off over a couple of months. There’s not a lot of demand for older DVDs.

I have the trial of Stacks and that looks like it will work for the page designs I want. I’m not sure where to turn for a credit card stack. I really can’t justify monthly charges for the volume of sales we will have.

Suggestions for where to look would be greatly appreciated. I’m not very familiar with the jargon of credit card payments so a stack that does much of the heavy lifting for me would be good.

If you want to see the site as it exists right now:

If your just looking for a way to charge stripe might look at checkout from @yuzool:

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Thanks, Doug,

Do you know if Checkout will let someone buy multiple items? And since I will be shipping DVDs, does it provide fields for address in addition to the credit card info?

I think I have everything set to begin using Stripe.

How many different DVD’s do you have? What if you did something like Ecwid? They have a limit of 10 items as part pf their free plan, but you could potentially set it up so that each item has a handful of options. If you could organize the DVD’s into sets of categories, that might work…

Ecwid integrates nicely into Rapidweaver and has a decent set of features on their free plan, it’s just the item amount that can be limiting.

Here’s an example of a site I did for a friend that uses Ecwid: If you click on the t-shirt box in the top left, you’ll see that there are different styles set up as options. This was a way to get 5 items in 1, so to speak.

I don’t know much about it Michael (@yuzool) would be able to tell you more, he’s great about providing support, but he’s in Japan some time zones may come to play. Ecwid like Janson (@jabostick) said would be a great option as well.

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Very nice, Jason. At this time we have 8 DVDs so the limit would not be an issue. I like the way Ecwid works. It may just be the thing for my needs.

Thanks for the suggestion.

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Thanks, Doug. I’ve emailed Yuzool with my questions. Given the time difference, I probably won’t hear until tomorrow my time.

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Thanks @radio64 - I’ll have a look at what you specifically asked and reply later today.

We have a bit more info on our free email course on selling stuff:

Also Stripe and selling is something we’ll be improving very soon :wink:
Checkout is great for services and selling time or memberships but for a cart we’ll be improving on that shortly :+1: