New Beta: RapidWeaver 7.4.1 (18682b)

(Claude Fitzback) #21


Greg from Chillidog told me that the problem is not on is side and he agree with me that the problem comme from the RW application, since I can’t even preview or export.

So what is the next step to fix the problem!
Thank you,

(William Elston) #22

I’m having the same problem with 7.4 and 7.4.1beta. My hosting provider is Dreamhost, and I’m on their “Happy Hosting” plan, i.e. shared hosting.

It appears that some files are uploaded before this failure happens. Once it happens, I cannot close the publishing window and have to force quit Rapidweaver.

Also, I can browse using the browse button in publishing settings. I spent some time w/ Dreamhost support, and they found nothing wrong. I was subsequently able to upload all files using a dedicated ftp client, (Yummy FTP.)

  • Bill Elston

(Dan) #23

Can you send me your project file along with your FTP account details to: that way I can see if I can re-create the problem here.

You might also want to try re-picking the browser you’re using to preview with, this can be done in the preferences window. It might be worth toggling the option on and off also.


(William Elston) #24

Downgrading to 7.3.3, I was able to upload my website.

(LJ) #25

Just my 2 ha’pence worth: Been using for a few days now, update publishing to around 10 different sites and has worked 100% perfectly for me. I have reseller shared hosting with Clook (UK) and in-motion (US)

(Claude Fitzback) #26

Hi Dan,

Try to re-picking the browser and it does not work either.

I just send you an email with all the information that you ask and more, don’t hesitate to contact me if you need something else.

Thank you!

(Kurt J. Meyer) #27

What happens when you change Mode to “Extended Passive (Default)”?

(Chris Loneragan) #28

Ok so I’ve had the publishing problem for a week now and haven’t really got anywhere with Rapidweaver support. The problems are:

  1. Publishing fails after a few files have been published. The error is operation was aborted by an application call back. I did have to force quit, but RW support sent a link to a newer beta and I can now cancel when it gets the error without having to force quit.
  2. I have changed every possible publishing setting with no success. I can browse the site from the settings window.
  3. Downgrading to the last working RW version doesn’t work either.
  4. My host is Easyspace and the problem is not at their end.
  5. Publishing page by page did work but now also fails.

Could someone at RW please sort this out! @dan

(Claude Fitzback) #29

Hi Chris!

I have about the same problem as you an I in touche with Dan since 2 days. I send them a lot of screenshot to help them.
He told me another version will come out pretty soon, beginning of the week.


(Chris Loneragan) #30

Hi Fitz

Thanks for the info. Brian at RW has replied a few times and sent the beta link a couple of times, but nothing has helped.

Fingers crossed for next week then.


(Claude Fitzback) #31

Hi everyone!

Nothing new under the sun about our publishing problem!

(Brian LaPan) #32

There’s another thread here that Simon (one of our team) is on

I’m going to close this one now.

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