New "Button Press 2" stack by Doobox

Hi Guys,

We just released the latest Doobox stack, “Button Press 2”.
Back to the drawing board, the stack has been completely reimagined. It’s all about deployment speed, control, and subtle styles. You can find out more and see a demo here :


Does BP2 allow for the button to use the Theme Font & Style as BP1 did?

@chet Yes it does. It will use your themes body font by default. You can override the button font if you wish by selecting from a selection of web safe font styles built in to the stacks settings.

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Very nice update…

It is a shame however that there is not some form of upgrade pricing on stacks like this for people who had purchased the original?

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I see your point.

Based on my usage of the stack, it is markedly different than BP1. My observation is that Doobox prices all of their stacks based on development effort and with all of the new features, I’d bet that this required the equalivalent of building a whole new stack.

Im a big fan of doobox, been buying his stacks for over 5yrs, the trend that I’m seeing is he is redoing his stacks adding a feature(s) and in essence making you buy the stack over again, let’s take his new Vegas stack, it’s the superhero stack with new animation option/better content control. So if I owned that superhero stack and wanted that new animation/more content I have to rebuy the stack, so from now on when I think about buying a stack from doobox I have to keep that in mind. That being said he is entitled to do whatever he wants, it’s his product, he may feel that the new features are worthy of a rebuy.

Hey guys, I’m not getting into the why’s and wherefore’s of the business, but there are very valid reasons for the way we work. And we will always push our products forward as the years tick by, technology advances, and trends change. (Without breaking things for existing users).

Suffice to say, I believe we are among the most competitive developers around when it comes to our pricing.