New: Header Zero stack

Header Zero produces a fixed container on the top the page, scrolling down the page slides-out the container, scrolling up slides it in again.

It’s a nice subtle effect and very common on mobile devices, where every extra screen space counts.

Read more about Header Zero here.

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Hi @Lucas,

I wanted to take a look at the preview for Header Zero, but on the page their doesn’t seem to be a preview anymore. The Demo link doesn’t seem to work either, as I fill in the form and submit it, but nothing happens. Is a preview still online?


The old site has been renamed weavers kingdom!

I noticed the demo button just brings up the buy window.

I was looking at the new page Weavers Kingdom and I just checked it again and found the preview is working on the page itself. It was easy to not notice it as the new Weavers Kingdom header is transparent and already so unobtrusive.

@thang @jspencer2 preview of Header Zero is here:

Thanks Lucas. Looking good! :+1: