New paragraph tags

I’m glad to see the Styled Text getting paragraph tag support. Unfortunately I think this is going to bork any stack that already uses a <p></p> tag set. It is going to insert the new <p></p> tags inside of the stack’s own <p></p> tag set and override the stack’s <p></p> alignment. :slight_frown:

I’m pretty sure this will affect Foundation, BootSnap, etc., which is a pretty big swath of users. It can likely be worked around, but I just wanted to bring it up.

Ah poop, you’re correct.

Not sure what the answer is here. Maybe we revert the change…

Suggestions welcome.

EDIT: just testing this, and it works if you use the styled text alignment feature (and ignore the stacks alignment buttons).

but… but… but… how is this different than what is already happening on right-aligned text? doesn’t right align text already have very similar <p> tags?

Taking a snap of this as the forum won’t show the html code (grrr):

i know adding tags is never always problematic to some add-on.

so maybe today is not the day to do it

but certainly the new way is more consistent. it would be awesome if we could find a way for everyone to get there eventually. right?

@isaiah: I think this is a good way to go. I think a little lead time so that people can adjust their products first is all that is needed. If this change had come at the beginning of the RW 7 development cycle instead of the end it would be no problem IMO.

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yes… you’re probably right. i will have to make at least a small change to stacks to make edit mode a bit less airy – so probably not having it right at the end is best.

maybe RW7.5 is better

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Some stacks may want to use their own <p></p> tags around a Stacks %text% variable so they could add classes, etc to them. This new way of doing it would rule that out, wouldn’t it because you’re doubling up on <p></p> tags?

@elixir – as @dan’s screenshot of code showed… RW6 puts <p> tags around the content too. it just only does it when you center or right justify a paragraph.

give it a try. drop in a Text stack, double-click to edit and center align it by clicking the center text alignment button. you’ll get a <p> tag even in RW6.

that said – i don’t doubt that there are some stacks/plugins/themes that will need to do some work to accommodate this. and i think you’re probably right: better to introduce potentially breaking changes early on in the private beta cycle so add-on devs have time to fix things before customers ever get a chance to see it.

Right, I get that, but if there’s a control in a stack people don’t normally use the Styled Text to align it, as they go with the stack’s own controls. At least that’s been my experience.

It would be nice to be able to somehow add a class to a <p></p> tag set through Stacks… maybe something like:

%text -class="myClassName"%


FYI: We’re going to revert the change in the next RW build as it’s too late in the cycle for 7.0.
We’ll look at introducing it further down the line.

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Cool. Maybe then it would be possible to let plugins like stacks have access to the <p></p> so it can add classes, etc to the tag. This would then allow frameworks like Foundation, Bootstrap, etc to be able to add classes in to this <p></p> tags for the Styled Text fields with ease! :slight_smile:

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