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(Matthias Ficht) #21

Hi! Just bought Flip Timer stack and do really like it. Since I need the Flip Timer quite small I would absolutely love if you could reduce the fixed limits you’ve set for the Digits size (currently less than 40px is not possible) and the Cards width (currently less than 60px is not possible). Reducing both limits for at least 10 pixels would be enough for me… :slight_smile: Thanks.

PS: you could also think of making these values as % (additional to px), so they could responsively scale down when the space gets narrower…

PS2: @Wondrous The same goes for the Time Circles stack I just bought regarding the “Digits” and “Diameter” limitations. Also these should at least allow 10 pixels less scaling than the actual limits.

(Guy Woodland) #22

I really like this stack. I can get it to work on its own but am struggling to get it to work with foundation. Is anyone else using it with foundation.

Here I have a different timer and all is fine.

Here I have a duplicate of that page with the new timer where something is not working quite right. I had assumed that simply swapping one stack with another it would be that simple.

I sent our a project file to the developer who says he doesn’t use foundation so am confused.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

(Wondrous) #23

Matthias, thank you for the shown interest in stacks. And sorry, but such restrictions on the size (for Flip Timer) are not just like that set. About the second question (Time Circles), I’ll think.

(Matthias Ficht) #24

Hi @Wondrous, thanks for your answer. But to be honest: I don’t understand what you want to say with that. What do you mean with “…are not like that set”? There actually are the described limits for the Digits size (currently less than 40px is not possible) and the Cards (currently less than 60px is not possible), otherwise I wouldn’t have asked. :wink: Wouldn’t it actually be quite simple to make it possible to reduce the sizes of both for at least 10 pixels, so that I could make the Digits size about 30px and the Cards about 50 px?

(Wondrous) #25

In future updates.

(Matthias Ficht) #26

Ok, thanks @Wondrous. Since I need it now, I just “hacked” it myself by modifying the plist file… :wink:
Working exactly as I need it. :slight_smile:

PS: just reduced #1 in the customItems to a value of 20 to be more flexible. These would be the values which would be great in my opinion to regularly have in a future update.

(Wondrous) #27


VideoBG (Video Banner) updated.
Version 1.0.1 - Added tags. Added color selection for text and header. Added the ability to select the width for the content.


(Pat Reynolds) #28

I have the videoBG stack but it remains at version 1.0. It doesn’t appear to update within stacks. How do i get version 1.0.1?

(Wondrous) #29

Pat, you should have received an update email. If not, you can download again from the link indicated in the letter after purchase.

(Pat Reynolds) #30

Ok, thanks :+1:

(Wondrous) #31

VideoBG stack updated!
Version 1.0.2 - Added bold weight and alignment for text and header.


P.S. This version should be updated in the program if you have version 1.0.1.

(Wondrous) #32

Dividers stack updated!
Version 1.0.3 - Added Rotate for SVG. Added stroke (color, thickness, dash).


(Wondrous) #33

Small update for Decor stack!
Version 1.0.1 - Added color background on hover. Added tags.

(Brad Miller) #34

Hi @Wondrous,
I am very interested in Flip Timer, but I need the ability to count up. In my case, form a start date to the current date. You can see what I am doing here:

Also, are there styling options that would allow me to remove the circles?

(Jan Fuellemann) #35

Hi Brad, there is a typo on the ad for your book: Same instead of save. On my mobile I could not get the cookie warning to disappear.

(Wondrous) #36

If you use the Time Circle, then you can make the color of the circles and their background, and border transparent, the thickness of the border to a minimum.

(Brad Miller) #37

Thanks @Fuellemann. Very helpful!

(Brad Miller) #38

Ok, sounds great so far. What about counting up?

(Wondrous) #39

Brad, if it is a question of setting a countdown date in the past in the timer, so that it counts the time until today’s date, then it is also Time Circle. If I understand the question correctly.

(system) #40

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