New RW Stacks from me

(Wondrous) #1


I want to introduce you to the Stacks for RapidWeaver. They may seem simple, but I hope someone will like them. There are paid and free. I will try to add new ones.

Link to Site.

(Tapio Laakkonen) #2

Nice addition to RW community! :slight_smile:

(Kenny White) #3

Welcome ! Great to have other players enter the market. Wish you the best:)

(Jan Fuellemann) #4

Hi and thank you very much :slight_smile: Just one question: do you use and CDNs or load additional content like scripts when you stacks are online?

Kind regards,

(Wondrous) #5

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Jan, no, no CDN, all in stacks.

(MRO) #6

cool stuff :+1:

(Wondrous) #7

Hi everyone!

Discount for few days, until the next week the price is €20 for all paid stacks.

(Wondrous) #8

Hi everyone!

New stack - Flip Timer. Countdown to the event, with different settings.

P.S. Found a bug with the display of the number of days, there will be an update soon.

(Wondrous) #9

Dividers stack updated.
Version 1.0.1 - Added 12 dividers. Added tags.


(Wondrous) #10

Flip Timer stack updated.
Version 1.0.1 - Fixed display of 3-digit number. Added setting the width of the card.


(Michael Frankland) #11

Great work @Wondrous - I love flip timers like at airports :slight_smile:

(Wondrous) #12

Michael, thank you!

(Wondrous) #13


Star Field stack updated!
Version 1.0.1 - More settings. Changed the settings of the direction of motion and the size of the “stars”. Added color setting for “stars”. Added mini-instruction.


(Wondrous) #14

Twist Stack discount! The price is reduced for a couple of days, it was €5.99, now €3.99.


(Wondrous) #15


Round Button Stack discount! The price is reduced for a few days, from €6 to €4.

Run BG Stack discount! The price is reduced for a few days, from €2 to €1.


(Wondrous) #16

Dividers stack updated.
Version 1.0.2 - Responsive improved.

(Wondrous) #17

VideoBG Stack. Video background for banners.
Price dropped, now €3.


(Pat Reynolds) #18

Nice stacks - keep up the good work. I have been trying to send you a message on your website but I can seem to get it to send because of the 5+5x5 number - maybe you could take a look at this.

(Wondrous) #19

Pat, thanks for the feedback!
And about question-answer, it’s simple math, where multiplication is done first :wink:

(Pat Reynolds) #20

I eventually got it :slight_smile:

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