Synced sliders - big update to Splider stack available now!

Hi all,

Thought I’d share a big (and free) update to Splider stack (v.1.3) that I have just pushed out. This brings a huge new feature…slider syncing!!

Yes - you can now link 2 Splider stacks together so that they perform in sync. There are countless uses for this kind of thing (e.g. a thumbnail slider or synced feature lists etc). Below is a demo that showcases 3 such uses:

See sync examples

Project file available on our Knowledge Base page.

I can’t wait to see what kind of things you build with this great new feature.



p.s. Not got Splider yet? Get 20% off with the code splider-sync until 30th Sept!

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Hi all -

Third update in a week for Splider!

1.3.2 out now and brings with it some great new options:

  • Option to set a custom easing value (for the slide movement) - in Advanced settings. You can use cubic bezier values or standard functions such as linear, ease-in-out etc.
  • Option to reduce the size/scale of inactive slides (so that active slide is larger)
  • Option to control the speed that styling transitions are applied
  • Option to ‘update on move’ which sets the active class prior to the slide moving (as opposed to after it has moved). This will affect when any styling effects are applied.

The ‘Sneak peek 3’ example on the Splider web page demos these. Example project on the Knowledge Base updated with this example too!

If you are enjoying Splider and all of these free updates please leave a quick review.

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