RapidWeaver 6.4 Publishing HomePage Only


I would appreciate the help as my IT guy here has no answers.

Used Rapidweaver for a while, but not a tech person by a long shot.

Have Rapidweaver 6.4 and Stacks. I am making changes to my site on Rapidweaver and when I publish everything seems to go just fine.

However, when I go to the site on a web browser it has only made the changes to the Homepage and not the other pages.

This is what I have tried so far with no luck.

  1. Checked publishing settings. They look fine and are “working”.
  2. Clicked the “Mark All Pages & Resources as Changed”

It may be your browser cache, clear your cache or try another browser.
are you using a CDN like CloudFlair? if so clear the cache there as well.


As well as the answer above, one other possibility springs to mind.
Did you add new stacks to the pages that do not appear be getting updated on the live server?

What sometimes catches people out is adding a new stack to their existing page that normally has an extension of .html.
Some stacks will change the page extension to .php on the fly, when you add them to the page.

This possibility would be simple to test.
If you are visiting page x at http://www.mysite.com/x.html
Try visiting the page at http://www.mysite.com/x.php

If you find the page displayed the expected changes at the php version, then you added a stack to the page at some point that switched your page extension to .php.


Cleared cache. No change.

In addition to what @Doobox and @swilliam said, you might want to check the files on the server with an ftp app and see if the other pages have actually been modified and have the same date as the Homepage.

A link to the site would be helpful as well.


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