No Activation with only 3 Macs in Household

Hello. Our Scout Troop uses Rapidweaver to run our website. ( We have Version 7 - purchased with 50% discount). It only runs on one Mac. Another worked but stopped working. The third rejects activation even though we used same email acct and product code located in our original email from Realmac. We wrote to SUPPORT but never received an answer. We would upgrade to version 8 if it did not damage our website and we could do so with not for profit discount. We asked about that too but received no reply. Are we doing something wrong?

I don’t know the specific answers to your question but that sounds like terrible support from RW. @dan or @Aaron should be two RW folks who can help you out. I’m tagging them so they will see this post.

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Thank you.

Sorry you’re having issues.

I’m not sure what’s going on here, we do reply to all support emails we receive, perhaps our replies needed up in your junk folder. Either way, don’t panic…

I’ve pinged @Aaron and he will get you sorted out ASAP


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@Bsatroop0049 just replied to your ticket! Apologies for the delay. Had a ton of auto reply emails come in and those can bury tickets sometimes.

Sounds like you are running RW7 on latest releases of Mac OS, which isn’t fully supported. I sent you some info so we can get you on RW8 and get those project files upgraded.

WOW! You certainly acted fast and I much appreciate all of the help you provided. Thank you for the actions and the help!

We always do our best to help. Sometimes things fall through the cracks and get missed or lost somehow.

Happy Weaving!

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