No preview with rw 7

I just dowloaded and install version 7 upgrade.
I have no more preview : I can switch to, but nothing appears.
It is the same problem when I use a site made with RW6 or create a new site with RW7.
Can you help me ?

I have the same problem. Downloaded the trial version. Only blank pages.

Hey @nobby & @Dominique,

RapidWeaver 7 uses a new system to preview pages locally - basically, a local server is created. What we’ve recently found is that if your hosts file has been tampered with (by a filter, security app, or similar), this would hinder RapidWeaver 7 from running / showing the local server. In return, the preview function would be rendered useless in RapidWeaver.

I’d like you to try the following to see if your hosts file is as it should be. If it isn’t we’ll send the necessary steps to repair it.

  1. Go to in /Applications/Utilities
  2. Type in nano /etc/hosts
  3. Press the Enter key
  4. Enter your password (admin)
  5. Send a screenshot of what appears. Here’s what mine looked like:

Another thing I’d like you to check is what appears when previewing your site in a browser. This will tell us what host your computer is using to preview the site.

  1. Press Command + P
  2. Go to the address bar and copy the URL and paste it in your response back to us.

Thanks for your patience as we look into this. Can you send all details to and reference this thread!


좋은 가르침 이었다.

완벽하게 해결 되었습니다.

I think the word ‘tampered’ is misplaced!

there are many reasons the hosts file is modified and not for bad reasons! (internal networks, MAMP)

it seems you are now having problems (re other posts on this forum) with preview because you expect a clean host file.

this is poor design and was not spotted earlier because of not enough testing.

Could you send me some news ? I send you (support) an answer with a print of my localhosts. but I didn’t receive any response for 6 days and I cannot work anymore…

Any News?.. we are all still waiting… no response from our emails either

For now, I didn’t receive any news since I sent the requested information.
Is there someone somewhere who can give me a solution ?

Just a note to ANYONE who sends in logs/site files/etc.

If you are sending in attachments relating to a specific forum thread or problem, PLEASE include that information in the email. Even just a link to the forum thread would be GREATLY helpful.

  1. Most forum ids do not match email address/names
  2. otherwise we have to write back to get that information and that takes more time.

We’re all looking to get you all back on track as soon as possible, so if we can take a step or two out of the process that’s good for us all :grin:


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Same issue on preview, I did all you write in the information you send me, local host file now is as you say, but it doesn’t work…

Host Database

localhost is used to configure the lookback interface

when the system is booting. Do not change this entry. localhost broadcasthost

::1 localhost
fe80::1%lo0 localhost

everyone is stil waiting

For me it’s good now. I changed my “hosts” file, which is now just like this one and “preview” is now functioning without problem, for the new websites as for the old (version 6) ones (translated by RW7).
Thanks a lot.

NB: “hosts” file is just as RW said, with the commentary (#) marker before the commentary lines…

For those of you having issues with your preview not working in RW7 still, please try creating a new hosts file and using the default values.

Read the following tutorial to reset your hosts file - restart your computer once you’re done:

Preview does not work on my laptop (MacBook Pro) in RW7, but does on my iMac using RW7. Both have identical development environments (i.e. MAMP Pro, RW 5 and RW 7 eval). The /etc/hosts file is identical to that posted on the link provided. Is there any other known issue?

Also, there is no “Generating Preview” message in the lower left panel in RW on my laptop, but that message appears on the iMac.

Lastly, when using CMD - P it opens browser to the address: http://localhost:0 on my laptop, but on the desktop it uses