RW 7.02 no preview

I have upgrade RW from 6.4.x to 7.01 and now 7.02. In edit mode no problem i can see the project. In preview mode i see nothing, the page is blank, there is a mistake but i don’t know why…
When i create a new project, it’s a same problem; edit mode OK, preview mode nothing >> blank page…
Some can help me to resolve the situation.

Hmm what theme are you using what kind of pages etc. make sure everything is upto date

I have the exact same problem as Ivan. I have no specific theme picked since I would like to start a new web page. All the free themes available do not work in preview.

I have erased and install a new version of RW 7.02. Same problem, no preview also with new theme. what can i do ?

when you say you deleted the app did you also delete the PLIST file for RW

Yes i have all erased with CleanApp RW 6 and RW 7 and i have RW7 re-installed but the error is always…

But I have find the error

My hosts file were wrong, when i install RW, the program write, it must have a blank between 255 and localhosts.
I have change my hosts file and restart my computer and no problem all right, thanks for your help

I think that all error are coming from the host file when Preview is blank. For the next friend, speak about hosts file…

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