Non appearance of SEO helper in Foundation [SOLVED]

Have emailed but the time differences may be getting in the way.

We’ve SEO helper stack within Foundation with several elements.

But nothing shows up in the code of the published site.

Has anyone else has this.



Again, a link showing us the site so we can see the code is helpful. Also a screenshot of how you have SEO Helper set up will be helpful as well.

One thing to check is that if you add SEO Helper to a HTML (i.e. index.html) page, you won’t see any change because the new page is now index.php and the html one takes priority. You will need to delete the index.html versions from your site.

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Yup, @conger is correct, you have two versions on your site

You need to use an FTP app to go onto your server and remove the index.html page. RapidWeaver will not delete pages that are already on your server.

Many thanks to you both!

All sorted and working.