Old fashioned navigation on the left hand side

I want to create a very clean website with an old fashioned navigation menu on the left hand side.
How to I adjust a theme or create this myself?

I have been digging trough the various settings and cant find it.

Thanks for your help!


Roger is this something you are looking to do? Www.sjolin.co.uk ? I used BWD Blueprint Sidebar stack to achieve this and has Font Awesome 5 icons by using SVG as icons?

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Foundation has a way to do this, here is an example:

Look at Will Woodgate’s themeflood.com. Lot of great themes options. Two of my favorites are Wilderness and Volcano.

Thank you all for the replies, I will check it out tomorrow.

You could also look at Paramount from Michael David as well as Blend from Weaverthemes.


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So far I like Paramount best.

All the examples given present galleries of images. I have to see how well they look with text content.

Take a look at https://www.bachflowerremediesedinburgh.co.uk - that’s made with Paramount.


I would love specific details on how you did this… me like:)

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